Call for Papers & Presentations

Date Track Presenter(s) Title Download
Mon. 5/13 Amos, John The Democratization of Spatial Data: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? Amos_2013
Mon. 5/13 Cunningham, Johnson, Moore The Horizontal Affect in relation to The GIS Profession Cunningham_2013
Mon. 5/13 Donaldson, Kurt Report by WVGISTC Donaldson_2013
Tues. 5/14 Elkansa, Hussein WVDOT Transportation Roadway Network and ERP Overview, Deployment, and Application In The District and Central Offices (HTTR) Elkansa_2013
Tues. 5/14 Ervin, Connie Map Books Ervin_2013
Tues. 5/14 Fagan, Todd Addressing in Jefferson County, WV Fagan_2013
Mon. 5/13 Fedorko, Evan West Virginia NHD Stewardship Fedorko_2013
Tues. 5/14 Grow, York ArcGIS for Mobile & GPS Cohesion & Not Collision York_2013
Mon. 5/13 Holmes, Kevin The Geographic Support System Initiative (GSS-I): Working with Partners for Enhanced Data Management Holmes_2013
Mon. 5/13 Lammie, Sam Google Earth and ArcGIS Desktop: Connecting tools and pixels Lammie_2013
Tues. 5/14 Lammie, Sam Using Airborne LiDAR for Golden-winged Warbler Management Lammie_2013
Tues. 5/14 Park, Kent Automated Feature Extraction Using Digital Imagery and LiDAR Data Park_2013
Mon. 5/13 Paugh, Mike G.I.S. Coordination in Monongalia County, WV Paugh_2013
Tues. 5/14 Penegar, Tre WV Tax Parcel Mapping Best Practices Penegar_2013
Mon. 5/13 Shank, Michael LiDAR Shank_2013
Mon. 5/13 Stanley, Ryan The West Virginia Trail Inventory Application Stanley_2013
Tues. 5/14 Starcher, Jennings WV Statewide Addressing and Mapping Update Starcher_2013
Tues. 5/14 Wilson, Jared Integrating Surveying and GIS Wilson_2013
Tues. 5/14 Wray, Paul Putnam County Assessor's Office Mapping & GIS Wray_2013
Tues. 5/14 Wu, Yueming Report by WVDOT Wu_2013